How I got here

taken at The Chop Shop in Charlotte, NC, 2013. Darlings of the Underground
taken at The Chop Shop in Charlotte, NC, 2013. Darlings of the Underground

This is my first blog entry. I’m not sure why I’m attempting to be a blogger. I’ve never really seen the point in it especially if you weren’t a famous writer or critic and getting paid for your opinion. Then I discovered the #DOC,  Diabetic Online Community, and everything changed. I found other people that have what I have. And they’ve had it longer, and they know more about my condition and they all sound so smart. I’m new to this, but what I’ve learned is the strength of this community is out of this world. The information and resources at your fingertips is unreal. I do a lot of volunteer work with my JDRF Chapter and it’s helped me immensely in understanding type one diabetes. But I can go farther. I can do more. I can learn more, and I can teach more. I’ve seen the importance of connecting and sharing. And I want to be a part of it. If you can cut and paste the link below into your browser, it will tell you how I got here. I want to know how you got here.

2 thoughts on “How I got here”

  1. How’d I get here? You could say it stared with my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes in 1973, age 4. Or my career switch from home improvement and decorating magazines to a diabetes health magazine about 7 years ago. Or simply from searching the term “diabetes” on the Interwebz. More important is why I stay: When “my diabetes” becomes “our diabetes,” the burden weighs less. Glad to meet you in the diabetes online community, Neel. Keep telling your story (and our story).

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